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Lindenfels is a town in southern Hesse, Germany and known as the “Pearl of the Odenwald”. In the middle of the town stand the ruins of the Lindenfels castle with a great view into the distance over the Weschnitz valley.


Reichelsheim is a community in Hesse, Germany. It is located in the middle Odenwald and was first mentioned in 1303. The Schloss Reichenberg (Richenburg Castle) was first mentioned in 1307 and was used as a private upperclass boys’ school from 1876 to 1924. Nowadays, it is a publicly accessible international meeting and conference centre with a palace café.


The Fürstenlager was built around 1790 by the landgrave and grand duke of Hesse-Darmstadt in Bensheim-Auerbach, Germany. The park includes over 50 exotic trees and bushes, e.g. the 150 years old giant redwood and a multitude of different buildings in the back.

Darmstadt – Waldkunst

The first sculptur is named “Time Bomb” from Ernest Daetwyler and is placed in the forest near the US army base in Darmstadt. The whole work is built from wooden elements found around Darmstadt: chairs, beds or tables… Everything returned to the point of their origin.

The second installation is 30qm big and is named “A little spider can build much more complex things” from Elena Redaelli.