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Schloss Wolfsgarten, Langen (Hesse)

Schloss Wolfsgarten was a former hunting lodge of the ruling family of Hesse-Darmstadt and was established between 1722 and 1724 by Landgrave Ernst Ludwig of Hesse-Darmstadt. From 1879, Wolfsgarten became a favorite country retreat for Grand Dukes Ludwig IV and his son Ernst Ludwig.

In the 20th century, Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig extensively modernised Schloss Wolfsgarten and rearranged the park. In 1918, after the abolition of the monarchy, Wolfsgarten became the principal residence of the former grand ducal family. Today, the Wolfsgarten is the property of the Hessian House Foundation and is open to the public only on two weekends in May during the annual Rhododendrenbl├╝te.

Jugendstilbad, Darmstadt

The architect August Buxbaum designed the Jugendstilbad in Darmstadt and it was built from 1907-1909.