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Lofoten – im Winter

Die Lofoten sind eine Inselgruppe vor der Westküste Norwegens. Sie bestehen aus 80 Inseln die durch Brücken und Tunneln miteinander verbunden sind. Die Lofoten liegen etwa 100 bis 300 km nördlich des Polarkreises im Atlantik, vom Festland getrennt durch den Vestfjord.



Sprudelhof, Bad Nauheim

The Sprudeholf or “effervescent” bath is a type of spa bath through which carbon dioxide is bubbled and was one of several types of hydrotherap. The ensemble is an impressive cultural monument and was built between 1905 and 1911. It is a clearly structured and symmetric facility as a whole, as playful and loving is the design of the great little details. The mineral springs in the centre of the “Sprudelhof” are surrounded by six bath houses and each has an aesthetic waiting hall and an enchanting ornamental courtyard with a fountain.


Gernsheim is a town in Groß-Gerau district (Hesse) and is lying on the Rhine. The town is the birthplace of Peter Schöffer (Petrus Schoeffer) an early German printer, who studied in Paris and worked as a manuscript copyist in 1451 before apprenticing with Johannes Gutenberg.

Important for the town is the container port with a railway connection. There are also ferries across the Rhine to Eich in Rhineland-Palatinate.

The Ness Islands

The Ness Islands are situated in Inverness (Scotland) beside the river Ness. 1828, the first bridge was built to the islands and washed away in the flood of 1849. In the years 1853-1854 the bridge was replaced by two suspension bridges designed by William Dredge.

Nowadays, the islands are a popular and picturesque walk and a a natural beauty spot. The area is a home for a number of imported and foreign species of trees and home to wildlife.


Inverness is situated in northern Scotland, where the River Ness enters the Inverness/Moray Firth and is regarded as the capital of the Highlands of Scotland.

The strategic location of Inverness has led to many conflicts in the area. The  settlement was established by the 6th century with the first royal charter being granted by King David I. in the 12th century. Inverness castle was built by Malcolm III. of Scotland after he had razed to the ground the castle in which MacBeth had murdered Duncan I.  In the year 1562 Mary, Queen of Scots, was denied admittance into Inverness Castle by the governor and whom she afterwards caused to be hanged.

Beach Details, Aberdeen

Ebb and Flow, Aberdeen

All photos were taken during sunrise and ebb at Aberdeen beach.

Early Morning, Aberdeen

Aberdeen Beach is famous for its golden sand and its long curved length between the harbour and the River Don’s mouth and is popular with walkers, surfers and windsurfers.

Externsteine, Teutoburg Forest

The Externsteine are a distinctive rock formation located in North Rhine Westphalia (Germany) in the Southern part of the Teutoburg Forest. The formation is a tor consisting of several tall, narrow columns of rock which rise abruptly from the surrounding wooded hills and are a natural outcropping of five sandstone pillars. All pillars have been modified and decorated by humans over the centuries and were a centre of religious activity for the Teutonic peoples and their predecessors prior to the arrival of Christianity in northern Europe. At the top of the tallest stone is a chamber, formerly used for sacrifices and the little decoration remains apart from one wall with a circular hole cut into it. Early studies have shown that this is some form of calendar. On the exact day each year when summer turns to winter, the sun shines exactly onto this hole.

Today, the Externsteine are one of the most frequently visited nature reserves in Westphalia.